Teacher's Training on Mathematics January, 2013

Rich Harvest School & Manav Rachna International
Teacher’s training on “Effective methods of Teaching Mathematics” was organized in Manav Rachna International, Faridabad and Rich Harvest Public School, Noida. During the workshop different tools are discussed to make maths more interesting and to make the calculations easier for students. Various activities were also discussed to enable the children to understand the concepts easily and use them in their daily life.

Workshop in Mumbai for School Teachers of more than 50 schools February, 2013

Teachers from various schools in Mumbai
Teacher’s training on “Effective methods of Teaching Mathematics” was organized for more than 50 schools. During the session the emphasis was given on how to simplify the concepts through various maths lab activities in an easy way so that maths become fun for the students. CCE activities and project work in maths were also the part of discussion.

Workshop on Vedic Maths March, 2013

Airforce School & Queen Mary's School
Workshop for teachers on "Vedic Maths Techniques" was done in Queen Mary's School and Airforce Golden Jubilee Institute. During e sessions emphasis was given on making mental maths stronger from primary classes so that maths phobia was not develop among the students. Techniques of working out basic maths times tables were discussed using some innovative methods of vdeic maths and memory.