Guinness World Record by Aditi Singhal & Sudhir Singhal for teaching times table till 99 to 3245 students organized by Brahma Kumaris at ORC

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Seminar For Knowing The Potential of Human Brain

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International Workshop at The Centre for Banking Studies (CBS) of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka

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Enlightening Mind and Memory Workshop

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Workshop on Smart Vedic Maths Techniques of Fast Calculation

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Workshop for Teachers and Principals on Creating Harmony in Life

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Teachers Training on Quality Personality Development

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"Parents Workshop on Smart Parenting Tips"

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Smart calculation techniques of Vedic Math

Smart calculation techniques of Vedic Math

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  • "The techniques are very useful for students as well as teachers. It helps them in creating interest for maths and improving concentration power."

    - Rupam Sah, Principal
    (Bosco Public School)

  • "We can really improve our mathematical calculation by doing this workshop. Long calculations can be made easy and very less tedious than before."

    -Tanushree Sharma,
    8th class, D.P.S. , R. K. Puram

  • "I found the methods quite interesting and useful. I would like to suggest it to many."

    -Dr. Priyanka Shukla

  • "This is a very good mind sharpening workshop. This will be very helpful in my studies."

    -Ridhi Sharma,
    7th class, Queen's Mary School

  • "I think Vedic Maths is a brilliant idea because this method makes our mind sharper."

    -Aishwarya Sachdeva,
    8th class, Manavsthali School

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Teachers feedback on "Effective methods of teaching mathematics"

Teachers training
(City Montessori school, Luckhow)

Just like learning to walk before you can run, learning the times tables are building blocks for other math topics taught in school. If a child can automatically know the answer to a times table question then more difficult maths will be less challenging.

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