Guinness World Record by Aditi Singhal & Sudhir Singhal for teaching times table till 99 to 3245 students organized by Brahma Kumaris at ORC

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Seminar For Knowing The Potential of Human Brain

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International Workshop at The Centre for Banking Studies (CBS) of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka

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Enlightening Mind and Memory Workshop

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Workshop on Smart Vedic Maths Techniques of Fast Calculation

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Workshop for Teachers and Principals on Creating Harmony in Life

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Teachers Training on Quality Personality Development

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"Parents Workshop on Smart Parenting Tips"

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Smart calculation techniques of Vedic Maths

Youngest child to memorize complete periodic table

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“How to Become a Human Calculator?”
Author: Aditi Singhal
Publisher: S.Chand

“How to Memorize Anything”
Author: Aditi Singhal & Sudhir Singhal
Publisher: Random House India
  • "The techniques are very useful for students as well as teachers. It helps them in creating interest for maths and improving concentration power."

    - Rupam Sah, Principal
    (Bosco Public School)

  • "We can really improve our mathematical calculation by doing this workshop. Long calculations can be made easy and very less tedious than before."

    -Tanushree Sharma,
    8th class, D.P.S. , R. K. Puram

  • "I found the methods quite interesting and useful. I would like to suggest it to many."

    -Dr. Priyanka Shukla

  • "This is a very good mind sharpening workshop. This will be very helpful in my studies."

    -Ridhi Sharma,
    7th class, Queen's Mary School

  • "I think Vedic Maths is a brilliant idea because this method makes our mind sharper."

    -Aishwarya Sachdeva,
    8th class, Manavsthali School

Benefits of Vedic Maths Course:

  • Online recorded videos of techniques– View, play or pause as per your convenience
  • Online Assignments & Practice sheets
  • Self Assessment using online Quiz & test
  • Games for better understanding
  • Flexibility of time

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Contents: Vedic Maths Online Course

Topics to be covered:

Level 1:

  1. Introduction of Vedic Maths
  2. Base & Complements
  3. Subtraction without borrowing
  4. Multiplication by 999....
  5. Multiplication by 11, 111
  6. Multiplication of numbers near the bases - Part I
  7. Multiplication of numbers near the bases - Part - II
  8. Squares ending in 5
  9. Squares near a base
  10. 2digit x 2digit multiplication
  11. 3 digit number x 3 digit number multiplication
  12. Multipliation by 5, 25, 50...
  13. Fractions
  14. General Squares
  15. Online Test & Quiz

  16. Total lessons: 14

Level 2:

  1. Cube roots
  2. Square roots
  3. Random Cubes
  4. Cubes near a base
  5. Algebraic Multiplication
  6. Converting fractions into decimals
  7. Checking divisibility by prime numbers
  8. 500 years calendar
  9. Division Part - I
  10. Division Part - II
  11. Online Test & Quiz

  12. Total lessons: 10

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Fees Levelwise : Rs. 3000/- per level (or USD $75)

Join complete course (i.e. both the levels) and get 10% DISCOUNT.
Pay only Rs. 5400/- or USD $135

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